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Why Choose Milwaukee Ballet School & Academy?

Milwaukee Ballet School & Academy offers the finest dance training in an encouraging and professional atmosphere, and supports the growth of classical ballet by maintaining the highest standards while nurturing the talent of every student.


  • In operation since 1975 and one of the three largest dance schools in the nation, and the only school in the Midwest accredited by the National Association of Schools of Dance
  • A proven training ground for professional dancers, the School lists many of its alumni among the ranks of professional dance companies worldwide


  • A graduated curriculum of study is offered and taught by experienced professionals to satisfy any skill level
  • All ballet based classes include live piano accompaniment
  • Curriculum is supplemented by visiting guest teachers and various lectures on dance topics


  • Pursue a professional career or simply derive the joy and physical benefit of a dance class
  • Annual student showcase of a full-length, family-friendly ballet
  • Eligible students can audition for Milwaukee Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker


  • Dance challenges the mind and body of children during their most important years of development
  • Research shows students engaged in dance have higher levels of academic achievement, problem-solving skills, creativity, and physical coordination


  • Comprehensive tuition—no additional performance costume or performance fees
  • Discounts on required class attire at Trep Art, the local dance supply store
  • Students and their families receive significant ticket discounts to Milwaukee Ballet Company performances